Gym Floor Renovation

NAIS is in need of a new gym floor. The main reason a new floor is needed is that the existing floor has outlived its design life. The surface is beginning to bubble and crack so it is time to replace the floor.

Summertime or December holiday is the best time for people working in schools. Athletic Directors, faculty, students, are all on summer break. That means that we get to work on campus grounds almost at any time of the day! (no need to wait for after school events or when all students are done with their programs)

This summer, we took on a new and big challenge – we were asked by Nord Anglia International School in Pudong to RENEW their GYM FLOOR.

We gave the NAIS gym a makeover by updating the entire gym court PVC floor. The gym floor renovation consisted of a complete from sanding, refinishing and painting of new game lines and logos. In addition to that, drilled and installed the pole mound and provided volleyball poles and netball poles.

The total time estimated to finish the project was 4 weeks, but we managed to complete and turn over the project in two weeks. Enough time before all the athletic directors come back from their summer break.

Gym Floor Renovation:

– removing of old PVC floor
– removing of old glue and old layer of concrete
– filling for new self-leveling concrete
– polishing and leveling of the new layer of concrete
– gluing of new PVC foor
– welding gaps of PVC layers
– drawing new lines
– drilling new holes for volleyball/basketball/netball
– installing sleeves for volleyball/basketball/netball
– optical end-touch
– inspection of the floor before gluing, after gluing and at final optical finishing

Rolled PVC flooring presents the appearance of real wood, with a few added features not present with traditional hardwood gym floors. The polyurethane coating resists dirt build-up and contains an anti-bacterial agent while providing optimal slip resistance. This cost-effective gym flooring product does not compromise consistent ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation, or coefficient of friction.

We are looking forward to the faculty and students to see their new, fresh, and clean gym floor. We take pride in how we specialize in helping schools find sports-related solutions.

For any gymnasium remodeling work including consulting sourcing and installing contact us at for additional information or for a free consultation on your needs.

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