Activity Trail School Playground Floor Markings

Playgrounds are used for simple play and for educational play by children. When painting this playground, we used bright and garish colors that clash with each other along with white paint to mark out lines for games. We were using Lead-free paint to meet the requirements of this project. As the playground is outdoors and exposed to the weather, striper’s or street paint is suitable, as it is resistant to wear.

In photo: Hangzhou International School

Our installation team traveled down Hangzhou International School in Hangzhou to install this sharp new activity trail artwork on their empty space. The team completed a full story playground markings. The cycle tracks are one of our most popular markings. Schools and children love them as they can be used for bikes as well as athletics. We added destinations like a police station, hospital, pond, and fire station to add more excitement to the children.

We are specialists in playground markings and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge which we have gained from carrying out a range of projects across China.

If your school playground already had activity trail floor markings but they are worn out or old, then do not worry because we can reline them. This is just another one of our excellent services which we have to offer.

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