Volleyball and Badminton Sleeves Installation at Maple Leaf Tian Jin

Usually such project will be executed as a standard routine. This project was very unique and posed new challenges that none of our partners or employees had ever experienced

Maple Leaf Tian Jin Project-Drilling

The task for SportyBay:

Drilling holes in the floor of the gymnasium, and attaching sleeves for the volleyball and badminton poles

The challenges:

  • No floor plan was available.
  • The floor was partly on pillars and in some areas hollow.
  • Drilling holes on a wooden floor using a drill that uses water for cooling.

Our solution:

Firstly, we had to make sure that not too much water was used.

Then we cleaned the area constantly and had to let it dry continuously so as not to damage the wooden floor.

Usually the drill is attached directly to the floor with screws, which in this case was not possible without damaging the wooden floor.

Our employees have designed and manufactured a unique frame so that the drill could be used without fixing it with screws.

With additional experienced staff and tools, we were able to drill the holes in which the floor stood on pillars to the required depth. Where the floor underneath was hollow, we had to design a unique sleeve system on site in order to install the sleeve systems.

The feedback from our Customer:

Maple Leaf Tian Jin Project-Drilling
Maple Leaf Tian Jin Project-Drilling
Maple Leaf Tian Jin Project-Sleeve Installation
Maple Leaf Tian Jin Project-Sleeve
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