Basketball Clock Installation at Shanghai Singapore School

When our team arrived on site to install the scoreboard, it was clear that the wall could not support the weight of the device. The outer layer was made of wooden panels, which made it impossible to attach the display panel to the wall as planned.

The task for SportyBay:

Installing a new Basketball Clocks and Scoreboards

The challenges:

  • Wall with wooden panels, not suitable to hold the weight of the device
  • Badly installed wires from the former system.

Our solution:

When we found that the prerequisites for installing the new system were not sufficient, we organized woodworkers and some other specialists on site.

We had to cut out the wood and used special assembly equipment so we could properly install the scoreboard on the wall.

Due to the poor quality of the previous cabling system, we reinstalled it.

Finally, we also organized a new software update (via another provider) to provide a buzzer sound for the system.

The feedback from our Customer:

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